Museveni meets Rwandan terrorists at state house to review the modus operandi

Chimpreports, a tabloid sponsored by the Ugandan Chieftaincy for military intelligence (CMI) and Molly Kamukama former Principal Private Secretary to Yoweri Museveni now State Minister for Economic Monitoring, has just published a twisted version of terrorists meeting Museveni at State House. The sponsored attack mouthpiece run by Giles Muhame would not leak anything from State House unless they were instructed to do so as part of their coordinated anti-Rwanda campaign. They offered their twisted version of Museveni’s meeting with Rwanda National Congress/Self-Worth Initiative members.

Chimpreport aka Cheap Reports wants us to believe that Museveni called for a meeting with the managers of SWI, an NGO created by CMI and Kayumba Nyamwasa’ RNC to act as a front for RNC activities. According to Muhame, Museveni’s meeting with SWI was to discuss the implementation of the Luanda MoU and specifically, Rwanda’s request that SWI activities be stopped, its organizers charged for terrorism. Instead, the sponsored mouthpiece offers us a theatrical account of a meeting at State House of Museveni, security officials, diplomats and SWI (RNC in disguise).

It is not the first time Museveni receives Rwandan terrorists at State House. Previously, in March 2019, his claim was that he accidentally met one Charlotte Mukankusi, RNC’s head of Diplomacy, with a delegation of senior RNC officials including Eugene Gasana. RNC and SWI have thus become familiar faces in the Ugandan State House. Chimpreport is right about the meeting taking place, but it is not reporting accurately the context and content of the meeting.

What happened at State House Uganda was a planning and strategy meeting between Senior Ugandan security officials, top diplomats and SWI/RNC representatives. The meeting was chaired by Yoweri Museveni and he gave them specific instruction to push RNC activities further undercover. Interestingly enough, this time Museveni will not be able to say he did not know who he met; in the Luanda MoU, Rwanda proved to the Ugandan delegation that SWI was RNC and receiving CMI’s help.

Chimpreport alludes to the instructions quoting Museveni addressing the need to stop the advocacy part. He was instructing them to continue their operations but to do so quietly. A source who managed to get the meeting resolution copy, revealed that Museveni gave them green light to mobilise and recruits militias across Uganda.

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