RNC Propagandist David Himbara’s sponsored Trips didn’t bear fruit

Jealousy, David Himbara the RNC Propagandist is busy counting diplomatic trips conducted by a Head of State. To illustrate his boredom, we will review Himbara’s own foreign trips. Everything he does on behalf of his sponsors is purely for the benefit of a terrorist enterprise.

In May 2019, Himbara flew to rescue convicted genocide convicts from extradition. His sponsor Rujugiro, sponsored him a return trip to Sweden to plead for Genocide convict Theodore Rukeratabaro. He failed his mission and left ridiculed for his silly attempt.

About 5 years ago, they also sponsored him with hundreds of thousands to travel to Washington, with a specific mission to acquire lobbyists to tarnish Rwanda’s image in the US congress. He did so, as instructed, but once again showed his very limited capacity. He stuttered and hesitated throughout his short lived spotlight moment. He recently received a makeover trip to Washington this year, but sources close to him indicate he did more partying than actually work.

In 2019, Himbara also travelled to Uganda to meet with fellow RNC terrorists to strategize on how to harm Rwanda. As their propagandist, he squeezed in a quick scripted interview smearing Rwanda. In Uganda, there are several reports indicating that he participated in meetings with FDLR members (Genocidal Forces).

Other than that, Fugitive Himbara spends most of his time smoking weed and counting Presidential trips. Whereas Diplomatic trip actually generates direct and indirect benefits for Rwanda, Himbara’s few trips are only with the intent to harm Rwanda.

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