Terrorist Nyamwasa’s false moral equivalence claims that RDF is DR Congo hit a dead end

It’s quite hilarious to read Fugitive Kayumba Nyamwasa, the chief regional terrorist posting on his RPF Gakwerere Facebook page accusing Rwanda of supporting terrorists! In his wicked logic, terrorist Kayumba Nyamwasa believes the tricks he learnt from South African criminals will save and absolve him of the terrorism label.

See, thieves in South Africa and Kenya, to avoid being lynched by mob justice, when crowds chase after them shouting “thief! thief!”, they also run ahead shouting “thief! thief!” in order to confuse the angry mob and escape the lynching. Many have managed to survive mob justice this way.

Terrorist Kayumba’s recent stunt aims to achieve the same objective to shout “terrorist!” in order to deflect attention from the fact that he leads a terror organisation sponsored by the Ugandan ruler Corrupt Museveni, the high priest of regional terrorism. In so doing, Fugitive Kayumba also aims to sanitise his sponsor by duplicating the accusations leveled against them.

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In his juvenile logic, terrorist Kayumba believes that if he used the terrorism accusations leveled against him and his sponsor by the UN Group of Experts, he would create a moral equivalence and thereby make their own criminal responsibility any lesser.

That is the reason why in his recent post he alleged that Rwanda was supporting the ADF, an outfit created by Museveni himself decades ago to provide him and his family with a motive to go to DR Congo to plunder that country’s resources.

The shameless terrorist is so desperate and in so much in arrears of credibility to the extent that he has ceased to mind about sounding ridiculous to those who read his posts. Otherwise, he would not have the audacity to allege that Rwandan Special Forces were actually ‘using the ADF logo’ and operating alongside the Uganda-DR Congo border, ‘plundering and preparing for future military operations against Uganda.’

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Such an allegation would effectively invalidate Uganda’s claim of the existence of the ADF, and therefore expose and make Corrupt Museveni liable for criminal prosecution for invading a sovereign country under false pretense. It would also beg the question why DR Congo has not complained about the presence of Rwandan troops on its territory and neither has any independent entity like the UN Group of Experts made such a claim.

Everyone who reads his post will realise that what terrorist Kayumba did, like in the analogy cited above, was to reverse the roles change his charge sheet and replace his name and that of Corrupt Museveni with ‘Rwanda’ and post. His and his sponsor charge sheet exposes the two as sponsors of regional terrorism, by leading and supporting terror outfits respectively.

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It is no secret that the RNC which also belongs to the P5 coalition of terror operates in DR Congo with the aim of destabilising Rwanda. Information found on killed or arrested militia fighters during the DR Congo Army (FARDC) operations has revealed that the terror groups receive direct command from Corrupt Museveni regime. Terrorist Kayumba’s claims therefore should be seen as a desperate diversionary attempt to create a moral equivalence and deflect his criminal responsibility.

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