RNC- NRM Activist Rukundo Rugali Reveals Museveni’s Crimes

Gideon Rukundo Rugali, the dual RNC-NRM public activist, has an act for distorting and fabricating. He is, however, so fixated on a fake NRM MP nomination that he does not realize how both RNC and NRM are using him. No one else on social media openly belongs to both entities publicly, Rugali has turned himself into a useful idiot gullible to any empty promises.

RNC recently gave him a promotion to secure that his willingness to throw himself in mud that no one wants. NRM had pulled the same trick on the delusional Rugali. Caught red-handed supporting an anti-NRM armed group by smuggling medication, he fled CMI to Rwanda; the same country he now attacks on a daily basis.

The current Ugandan Minister for Security, Elly Tumwine only had to promise him that he could become an MP to change his allegiance. The Deputy Ugandan police IGP, Sabiti Muzeyi and other high ranking authorities of the Kampala regime petted him and the trick was done. Rugali flipped, and became their Facebook mouthpiece. Yet, his “godfathers” in NRM did not protect him for the humiliation of being fired by a Permanent Secretary from his hospital for insubordination. Rugali now struggles to survive and take care of his polygamous family on the petty change offered to him by CMI to smear Rwanda.

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RNC played a similar trick on the title hungry online troll. They elevated him to be the vice-coordinator and head of Diplomacy and that was enough for him to lose all his senses. He writes anything they ask him to, without a care in the world for credibility or authenticity. His most recent post, littered with wild claims is a perfect example.

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He says Rwanda has the highest refugee population per capita but lies that the UNHCR suppressed the data because of the cessation clause. A complete fabrication. He then say most countries did not implement the clause; for Uganda we know it hasn’t implemented it yet. With signposts all over her borders with Rwanda, Ugandan officials call for refugees, it’s ample evidence that Uganda benefits from mass refugee influxes either by embezzling donors’ funds or by using them in proxy groups to destabilize other countries. If his lie that countries are not implementing the cessation clause was true, then the same countries would give him the fake data he claims is suppressed by UNHCR. A pure circular illogical lie!

The illogical lies don’t stop there; while serving one of the most brutal dictators that has engaged in political assassination since the 1960’s, he projects it on a country that he had once chose to flee to. For a few promises, he flips and calls his former safe heaven a dangerous place.

He does so by recycling a 2015 fake document that list people alive and well as dead or disappeared. Even high profile criminals like Didas Gasana and Joel Mutabazi find themselves listed as dead or disappeared.

His fabrication are not bound by anything, he imagines a famine, and labels Ugandan smugglers as bizarre humanitarian aid workers. From Uganda, he keeps up his wild claims by predicting regime change in Rwanda when Uganda barely goes a week without a violent protest.

Rukundo Rugali takes his “projection” disorder to new heights; he literally indicts the Ugandan junta ruler, Museveni, by claiming the current tension with Rwanda is because Museveni stopped —what he used to do— tolerating assassination squads. In other words, Museveni had the power to stop the assassination all along, but simply did not want to. The admission that Museveni actually tolerated (in reality he also orchestrated) assassinations should be a lesson to NRM. They should be careful about useful idiots, they are inherently unreliable.

List of Museveni’s assassinations
  1. Brig. Perino Okoya, commander of Second Infantry Brigade,1970. Personally shot dead by GSU intelligence officer Yoweri Museveni.
  2. Nicholas Stroh, American journalist, 1971. Murdered by Lt.Silver Tibahika on orders of Museveni, for investigating FRONASA’s murder ofAcholi and Langi army officers.
  3. Robert Siedle, Makerere University lecturer, 1971. Murdered by Lt. Silver Tibahika on orders of Museveni, for investigating FRONASA’smurder of Acholi and Langi army officers.
  4. James Bwogi, director of Uganda Television, 1971. Murderedby FRONASA agents to tarnish image of President Idi Amin.
  5. Michael Kabali Kaggwa, president of Uganda Industrial Court, 1971. Murdered by FRONASA agents and burnt in his car, to turn Bagandaagainst Amin.
  6. Father Clement Kiggundu, Roman Catholic priest and former editor of Muuno newspaper, 1971. Dragged from altar during Mass to turnBaganda and Catholics against Amin.
  7. Raiti Omongin, first leader of FRONASA, 1972. Personallyshot in the mouth by Museveni during a morning parade in Tabora, after Museveni’s claim to FRONASA leadership was challenged.
  8. Ali Picho Owiny, former GSU intelligence officer andcolleague of Museveni, 1972. Murdered during the attack on Mbarara byMuseveni because of his habit of humiliating Museveni in the office. The murder was blamed on Amin’s soldiers.
  9. Valerino Rwaheru, comrade in arms of Museveni, 1972. Killedby Museveni to eliminate challenge to his leadership of FRONASA.
  10. William a.k.a “Black” Mwesigwa, comrade in arms of Museveni, 1972. Murdered during invastion of Mbarara, to be blamed on Amin’s troops.


To date, not one single Rwandan has been charged with the fictional crimes Rugali writes about, yet political assassination are still a regular occurrence in Uganda. Could it be that Museveni is still “tolerating” political killings of his opponents or is it that Museveni simply never stopped killing them. Soon enough Rukondo’s handlers will realize that he is a loose canon.

Once his “usefulness” becomes obsolete and his sponsors realize his fabrications are now hurting them, poor Rugali will disappear like his predecessors.

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