Weed-Smoking Himbara Desperate To Sabotage The Luanda MoU.

The weed-smoking RNC propagandist, David Himbara, has turned himself into a Ugandan official in the foreign affairs ministry. For some strange reason, he feels the urge to comment about the Luanda MoU implementation debate. Understandably, as the RNC propagandist is concerned not for peace but for war. He taunts those who want to keep Uganda accountable and gage its commitment to the Lunda MoU. Referring to a New Times (Rwandan media) article that raised a concern about Uganda dragging its feet to call for a second meeting of the Luanda MoU implementation Ad Hoc committee, the propagandist taunted Rwandans as being desperate to see the MoU implemented.

Sponsored by Yoweri Museveni (aka Exhibit #1510), the Rwandan National Congress terrorist organization is fostered in Uganda from where they plan and plot in conjunction with other anti-Rwandan forces how to destabilize Rwanda. One of the activities in their terrorist plot in to force Rwandan living in Uganda to join their terrorist organization.

When approached by the terrorist organization, the Rwandan that refuse their advanced face arbitrary and illegal arrest by the dreaded Chieftancy of Military Intelligence (CMI). They are taken to secret detention facilities, held incommunicado and tortured to confess to trumped-up charges. Hundreds are still held incommunicado by the CMI in the Museveni-RNC plot. (Read more about the persecution Of innocent Rwandans)

Faced with such hostilities the Rwandan Government did what every responsible government would do. It issued a travel advisory to its citizens as their security was obviously at risk. The measure hurt the Ugandan Economy significantly, as Rwandans went elsewhere for their importation needs.

The region’s effort to mediate the normalization of bilateral relations between Rwanda and Uganda led to an MoU in Lunda. In their first meeting in Kigali, the Rwandan side was clear on the travel advisory issue. Uganda was to release or trial those secretly and illegally detained, done so in conjunction with RNC.

The MoU also specifies that Uganda’s support of violent terrorist organizations was to stop. It would be the end of the weed-smoking Himbara’s income. The paychecks from Museveni would stop hence his attempt to sabotage with posts designed to antagonize.

What the terrorist propagandist should remember is that Uganda committed to the region, not only to Rwanda. Soon, it will not only be Rwandan media, but it will also be regional pressure that Museveni will be facing to let go of the RNC, assuming the national economy doesn’t pressure him to dump RNC.

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