CMI and Terrorist Kayumba scapegoating Rwanda

Uganda has been facing a serious kidnapping problem. Yet the terrorist that goes by the Facebook account with the fake “Robert Patrick Fati Gakwerere” dares point his traitorous finger at Rwanda, to blame it for the death of yet another Ugandan woman, Maria Nagirinya at the hands of suspected kidnappers.

The crime of kidnap has been linked to the rampant corruption and ineffective decaying security apparatus in Uganda.

To survive the public scrutiny and outrage at their failures, Ugandan Military Intelligence (CMI) in collaboration with Anti-Rwandan forces – chief of them “RPF Gakwerere” aka fugitive Kayumba Nyamwasa – have once again embarked on shifting blame.

The Museveni administration, throughout its security apparatus, is characterized by corruption and incompetence. Their main talent is abducting, illegally arresting, and robbing people. Yet they expect the public to believe Rwanda is the source of all Uganda’s problems! Even with the record of their master’s regime as one of the most failed in the region.

CMI and its RNC allies in trying to shift blame for Nagirinya’s death on Kigali think Ugandans are fools to easily forget that the problem is their corrupt regime that lacks accountability in each and everything. They cook up an unbelievable story that “Rwanda Intelligence killed this lady to infiltrate the NGO she works for”.

NGO’s, especially faith based ones have been the target of harassment by Kampala Intelligence agents with endless solicitations for bribes. It is a well-known racket. They threaten them with false accusation of working for foreign government, unless they give in to the extortion and pay bribes.

In 2018, the rate of kidnappings and murder of women led to angry protests in Uganda.

At the height of the kidnapping crisis, President Museveni said, “a nationwide registration of fingerprints and DNA to facilitate criminal investigations” would be implemented. The kidnappings did not end, giving rise to strong speculation that the kidnappers either were members of Ugandan security organs, or worked with them!

In April this year when an American tourist was kidnapped the Ugandan government paid the US$ 500,000, prompting many to again speculate “this was an inside job”.

As the phenomenon continues, security agents are in the spotlight both for incompetence and even possible complicity. There are genuine concerns voiced by Ugandan activists when they protest about the kidnapping rate in Uganda.

Consistent reports of the links of powerful members of the First Family to human trafficking rings are hard to ignore, especially when women are so consistently being targeted.

There are too many reasons why Ugandans should be concerned. Kidnapping is nothing but a by-product of the state of affairs in Museveni’s Uganda whereby the country teeters on anarchy.

Everyone recognizes the regime propagandists’ scapegoating of Rwanda for what it is: incompetent shifting of blame.

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