RNC Propagandist Not Happy About Rwanda’s Image.

David Himbara, the RNC Chief Liar, keeps shooting himself in the foot. He has just given us an insight as to how hard President Kagame works in a long article detailing the President’s foreign travels. To justify his pay, Himbara had to do more than simply enumerate the hard work, he tried to spin it as if one who works well abroad cannot be working at well home. Understandably, the President’s busy schedule is hard to grasp for the RNC Chief Liar does all almost his work online.

It is hard for him to understand how sober professional operate as he requires days to recover from his night adventures. It is sad to see how low Himbara has fallen in his quest to tarnish and smear Rwanda. His obsession is literally driving him mad to the point that he forgets that Rwanda is not run by a single person. It has a Prime Minister to coordinate government, Governors, civil servants, a parliament, a judiciary, etc. He also forgets, out of anger, that in the list he published of twenty-seven foreign trips only two might be considered as private, thus unintentionally marking them as efficient business trips.

Every time the President travels abroad, it upsets Himbara and his RNC crew. It is a cold reminder that the President is recognized at home and abroad, it is a vivid show of Rwanda moving on despite their best efforts to stop it. The President travels on behalf of Rwanda, his travel boost Rwanda’s image and are always in line with Rwandan interest.

Himbara’s paymasters wasted over $400,00 to lobby and tarnish the image of Rwanda specifically targeting the President of Rwanda abroad. Yet despite all their efforts, the President travels abroad and foreign dignitaries regularly visit Rwanda. These trips show how fruitless their constant smear campaigns are. Rwanda is still receiving invitations and hosting to world-class events.

I cannot resist but to attempt to answer two silly questions he poses in his article. To answer his first question of what has President Kagame done in the past five months, well, I can confidently say the he has not wasted his time writing nonsense and lies like David Himbara. On top of the 27 trips Himbara documented, I would also point to two important national events that Himbara extensively wrote about. These are the government retreat and the recent tour or Northern and western provinces, two unique interactions that Himbara conveniently forgets.

As to his second question on how the President runs Rwanda coming from someone who want to run down Rwanda, the answer is simple. Visit Rwanda or ask those who visit Rwanda. The results speak for themselves and lies from the RNC chief propagandist will not change anything.

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