Himbara Expert In Anything and Nothing

It is becoming comical to read Himbara’s writing, and now he is speaking on behalf of 52 African Heads of States! Himbara, the RNC Lobbyist, is a specialist in all matters on behalf of his masters Rujugiro and Museveni.

For some petty cash from his sponsors, he will metamorphose from being a legal expert to a specialist in International Relations, but fundamentally, his is just a big liar.

His latest stunt, as a self proclaimed specialist in international conferences, he will have us believe that 52 heads of states did not turn up as a sign o disapproval without providing any proof.

Himbara would not even be capable of telling us who was represented or sent a delegation, let alone who was or who was not invited!

Without any facts, out of anger and envy of how Rwanda is moving on without him, Himbara is relentless in lying.

For his information, the Transform Africa event is a big success and one guest in particular is stealing the show. I would provide him with the name of the special guest but then the RNC Lobbyist would have nothing to Google for a living.

Amongst other guests, Sophia – the artificial intelligence robot – made an appearance, I can only wonder what Himbara has to say about such a success, in Kigali.

Our expert liar will most likely scratch his head hard, thinking how to please his sponsors by spreading fake news. It is going to be hard for him to justify how his $440,000 campaign could not tarnish the image of Rwanda.

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