CMI agent Seruga alarmed by Senile Museveni’s empty pronouncements on Rwanda

Uganda’s Chieftaincy of Military Intelligence head, Abel Kandiho’s stray dog, Titus Seruga, alias “Serubwa the midget” is a big burden to his boss. Like a rabies-infested stray dog, the Belgium based CMI operative is rabid and untamable.

Being a loose cannon, Seruga has a way of sending hints and thereby inadvertently spilling secrets about his bosses’ hitherto covert moves.

Through Titus the midget’s posts we get to confirm that the very survival of Uganda’s intelligence, and its bosses by extension, is hinged on hatred towards Rwanda. By projecting Rwanda as the bogeyman, they get a reason to rob state coffers under the guise of drawing operations funds for ‘fighting the enemy.’

When senile Museveni, in an interview with NBS, made one of his trademark diversionary statements which he only reserves for media cameras, that he has ‘no problem with Rwanda or any other African country for that matter’, Titus the midget was alarmed because this would effectively signal the end of the CMI handouts to him. For the midget, the status quo of hostility must be maintained at all costs.

Naive to believe that his senile master meant what he said, Titus the midget whips out ‘evidence’ that Rwanda is up to no good, to urge his senile master to retract his statement. Except, of course, the ‘evidence’ is a couple of forged CMI letters (probably made from Nasa Road) that are supposed to be intercepted communication between Rwandan leaders, revealing malevolent plans against Uganda. Being a mediocre CMI operative, Titus the midget says he can’t distinguish a fake letter from a genuine one. Otherwise he would know for fact that the letters are the work of CMI’s counterfeit artist somewhere in Kikuubo.

Diversions and distortions of facts will not erase the fact that Uganda harbors and supports terror groups like RNC, FDLR, RUD-Urunana and FLN bent on destabilizing Rwanda. As if that is not enough, Museveni’s regime makes arbitrary arrests, torture and kills innocent Rwandans traveling, working and living in Uganda which is against EAC rules. For Museveni to state that he has no problem with Rwanda, it is a bag of comics; but it’s also very irksome for a head of state to lie about things which have got overwhelming evidence known to the whole world.

As for giving Rwanda ‘notice’ about ‘bringing the battle where it hurts’, that’s the cowardice talking, because senile Museveni knows that he can’t play with fire.

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