David Himbara, Senile Museveni’s mouthpiece brings back Kizito Mihigo to digress from Uganda’s $500m loan from IMF

Just as his Senile Museveni sponsor blindsided him, David Murunganwa Museveni thinks he can pull the same trick on his readers. Himbara, the weed smoking addict, recently ran a fake narrative claiming that Rwanda was running out of money. He claimed that the $100 million dollar loan from the IMF was proof of his idiotic theory.

Turns out that Senile Museveni requested five times that amount, a staggering $500 million loan from the IMF which obviously needed more time to establish strong guarantees. The IMF terms will include tough measures to avoid theft and corruption in the Senile Museveni regime, a plague in Uganda.

His favorite mouthpiece is lost for words with the loan announcement. The only thing he could come up with is a letter to the late Kizito Mihigo to divert attention.

He suddenly remembers and diverts to Kizito Mihigo. Himbara didn’t care about Kizito, he never tried to call him or even mention him. He had chosen to focus on the other matters. But as he runs out of steam, when he fails to find anything to smear with or whenever he burns his fingers; Himbara suddenly remembers Kizito Mihigo.

After shedding crocodile tears and writing poems to exploit the suicide of the late Kizito Mihigo, it took Himbara has now began writing letters to him. I wonder whether he bothers to write to Mihigo’s family? They would tell him to stop exploiting the death he caused together with his terrorist group Rwanda National Congress. They lured the young man to his demise, and now Himbara exploits it every time he runs out of smear.

Shamelessly, the academic fraudster will continue, all he cares about is his paycheques from his sponsor senile Museveni.

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  1. He emptied himself and the #COVID19 crisis hit so different so if can’t change the lies he feeds his senile paymaster he will run out of weed.


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