Rwanda’s 2020 Vision review, a nightmare to Senile Museveni and his weed addict-mouthpiece Himbara.

Senile Museveni’s paid mouthpiece, David Murunganwa Himbara jumps hurray at the slightest mention of vision 2020. He jubilates as it gives him a chance to make good of his contract with Senile Museveni to tarnish Rwanda on a daily basis. The academic fraudster struggles hard to find anything to write about so he picks on vision 2020.

The weed smoking propagandist, cannot distinguish projections and implementation. The article he references to elaborate challenges and implementation levels of the globally achieved vision 2020. Surrounded by terrorist militias like RNC and FDLR and sponsored by a senile junta leader like Museveni, Himbara does not compensate for his intellectual limits to understand what results based management means.

Truth is, Himbara’s sponsor freestyles his kleptocratic rule of Uganda. As for the terrorist militia he founded with the cow stealing Kayumba Nyamwasa and the prostitute addict Patrick Karegeya, vision is simply a foreign concept. The academic fraud is simply not able to understand what a review means; if he did, he would review the decaying Ugandan regime or the hopeless RNC terrorist organization.

The only competence Himbara is capable of, along with his senile sponsor Yoweri Museveni, is to steal Ugandan taxpayers’ money to sponsor terrorism in the Great Lakes Region. Together, they embarked on an futile effort to destabilize Rwanda costing millions of Ugandan taxpayers’ money. While repeatedly failing to destabilize Rwanda, they also fail to address the most basic aspirations of the Ugandan people. Instead they offer a sad show of vindictive media attacks on Rwanda hoping to divert for their lack of a vision for Ugandans.

The weed smoking propagandist should continue reading The New Times, it is the only source for him to learn how sound management is done. He should read and take notes to his sponsor, hopefully it will inspire him to copy paste the Rwandan model. Alternatively, the academic fraud should write a comparison of Rwanda’s Vision 2020 and Uganda’s Vision 2020; it should be very easy since Museveni’s kleptocracy has no vision whatsoever.

Sponsored by a regime which is as good as dead, Himbara’s job will be so hard given the fact that the country he attacks is far ahead as far as good governance and national development are concerned.

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