Senile Museveni’s mouthpiece, Himbara, backtracks on his sponsored Fake-News and rumor-mongering on Rwanda

After a long spree of fake news and rumors about the health of the Rwandan President, David Murunganwa Himbara admits that he was wrong. Himbara, sponsored by Senile Museveni of Uganda, realized that their fake news trickery collapsed and quickly distanced himself from his the anti-Rwanda propaganda network. To counteract his aging sponsor’s bad health, factual to the naked eye, Himbara and his club of hostile trolls began rumors on the Rwandan Leader’s health.

Museveni is aging rapidly and his health is deteriorating quickly. After almost 35 years of pure kleptocratic rule over Uganda, projecting that he is in good physical and mental health is becoming difficult as he approaches his 80th birthday. The public perception of his state of health is so important that he recently released a video of attempted push-ups. To divert attention from the obvious, his regime sponsored trolls began a rumor of ill-health of other leaders.

Unfortunately for him, his rumor generating machine headed by his favorite mouthpiece, Murunganwa Himbara, came up with a ridiculous lie that backfired when the Rwandan President held a press conference with national and international media houses. The event was a sharp contrast to a bizarre show in Uganda where their sickly, coughing Museveni holds a press conference with his preferred Ministers and entourage asking questions.

The aging Museveni holds 2 to 3 hours long talks seated on an elevated chair in front of his own his prime minister and a few selected ministers. His show reveals a stuttering, incoherent and aging old man that should not be running a country. Much as they try, Senile Museveni sponsored Himbara and other hostile trolls cannot divert attention elsewhere. Himbara’s propaganda while backtracking on his failed rumormongering is of no use to his sponsor. What Museveni needs is advice to focus on his health and on the nearing end of his reign.

Senile Museveni should pay Himbara to advise him on issues like falling from grace, financing his propaganda is a waste of time. Eventually, all his lies are debunked by hard facts.

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