Unconstitutional Senile Museveni instructs his Mouthpiece, David Murunganwa Himbara, to write about Constitutions

Weed smoking David Murunganwa Himbara, sponsored by senile Museveni to slander Rwanda and its Leadership continues to pick taboo topics in Uganda as inspiration for his frivolous attacks. He stupidly laments about the constitution of Rwanda gives authority to the Rwandan President forgetting to look at his Ugandan sponsor’s unconstitutional behavior.

The current constitution of Rwanda was adopted by referendum; it is a sovereign text that concerns Rwandans. It is respected and adhered to; major changes are subjected to referendums. That’s not the case in senile Museveni’s land. One would simply have to look at how senile Museveni changed the constitution to get rid of the age limit.

Senile Museveni could not risk a referendum on the age limit, after 35 years of kleptocracy and nepotism, Ugandans would have refused his senseless extension to become a “President for life”. Since 1986, senile Museveni takes his people for a ride with different excuses to stay in power as he grooms his son, Gen. Muhoozi, to succeed him. Senile Museveni does so in complete disregard that Ugandan is supposed to be a Republic; he taunts and mocks decency by even making his wife the “sport and education Minister”, his Somali half-brother a military general being his “senior security and defense advisory”.

Museveni has had to remove term limits and age limits to stay in power. During the age limit removal process, an interesting article was published by Yinka Adegoke, Africa Editor at Quartz Africa. In 2017, Adegoke wrote, “The world’s youngest continent will keep being run by its oldest leaders” and extensively covered Senile Museveni’s abnormal stay in power. Museveni was the third longest ruler in terms of consecutive years in Africa and the second oldest ruler in terms of age gap to the median age of his population. At according to the study in 2017, Uganda’s median age is 15.5 making Museveni 57.5 years older than those he ruled.

For more than three decades, the world has constantly been amused at the trickery utilized by Senile Museveni to stay in power. One trick in particularly ridiculous, when he tuned 70 years old he orchestrated an attempt to reduce his age by three years in order to circumvent the constitutional 75 years term limit. As a gift to himself, he doctored a baptism card and pretended to be surprised by the discovery that he was 3 years younger. The stunt backfired, degenerating 3 years proved too hard as his autobiography contradicted him, his age mates and a litany of evidence emerged that he was indeed 70 emerged. Senile Museveni moved from changing his age to brutally editing the constitution.

To do so, he locked out of parliament all MPs that opposed a bill amending the constitution and bribed the rest of MPs to pass the bill. A simple bill removed the age limit headache, thus tailoring the constitution to his taste without asking the Ugandan people.

Through David Murunganwa Himbara, his sponsored weed smoking mouthpiece, senile Museveni launches a clumsy attack on Rwanda and its constitution. Himbara, a Rwandan National Congress terrorist propagandist, blinded by his hate for Rwanda, forgot (or opted to cash his cheque in silence) to advice his Ugandan regime sponsor that their propaganda hurts Senile Museveni more than their target.

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