Senile Museveni’s Online Mouthpieces, Weed Smoking David Murunganwa Himbara And Bob Atwine, bad mouthing Rwanda’s credibility

Two prolific Ugandan regime online mouthpieces, Bob Atwine and David Murunganwa Himbara, are enviously lashing out at Rwanda for receiving global assistance in mitigating the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on its economy. As their senile sponsor, Yoweri Museveni entertains a bizarre comical live show on the pandemic, proactive and effective leadership in other countries are already thinking about mitigating the economic impact of the pandemic. Faced with such a contrast, Senile Museveni’s sponsored mouthpieces Himbara and Atwine of Spyreports and Commandpost lash out at Rwanda.

There are several reasons why senile Museveni opts to use comedy to Ugandans while unleashing his online trolls to attack Rwanda. Unlike Rwanda, the Ugandan regime’s transparency record is so bad that it makes it difficult for them to obtain aid or grants. He is limited to waiting for pity, anyone who might overlook the 35 year long kleptocracy that gangrened Uganda.

The little money he has to spare is wasted on David Himbara, Bob Atwine and other useless online trolls. Senile Museveni sponsors these online mouthpieces to tarnish as hard as possible Rwanda. His efforts however are in vain, Rwanda still enjoys the credibility of a functional, corruption Free State. Having failed to raise his country from chaos and despair, he opts to sponsor fake news to tarnish the image of those who managed.

Fugitive Murunganwa Himbara and Atwine’s boss resorts to comedy and satire as a second response to COVID-19 pandemic. Senile Museveni cannot come up with a better strategy; he has to distract them from serious issues like the aftermath of the pandemic. For lack of a solution, entertainment in long televised live shows are organised while other leaders organize serious meetings.

Unlike the weed smoking RNC propagandist Himbara, who uses his real name for senile Museveni’s dirty assignments, Bob Atwine operates under layers of pseudo identities like Spyreports, CommandPost or SpyUganda. The Ugandan state sponsored anti-Rwanda propaganda gives the world a glimpse at Senile Museveni’s priorities in the midst of a global pandemic. Inevitably, they too contribute to the serious issue Senile Museveni has; no one wants to help him!

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