Nuwamanya and Seruga blow their cover by celebrating CMI rewards for their renowned anti-Rwanda policy

If there was ever doubt that Sulah Nuwamanya Wakabirigi and Titus Seruga aka Serubwa were on the payroll of Uganda’s Chieftaincy of Military Intelligence (CMI), their jubilation at Abel Kandiho the CMI boss’s promotion servers as definite proof.

What is even more disheartening is the revelation that slips their hands in the jubilation, Kandiho and his deputy CK Asiimwe have been rewarded with promotion to higher ranks for their anti-Rwanda duties.

Sulah Nuwamanya is a member of the Rwandan National Congress, his congratulatory post speaks volumes and confirms that his terrorist organization has CMI support. Together with one Prossy Bonaabana, Nuwamanya set up a fake NGO (Self-Worth Initiative) to launder money and recruit for the terrorist organization while pretending to be a humanitarian. Boonabana equally enjoys close contact with CK Asiimwe, CMI counter-terrorism Director, she has over the years become his mistress.

The common denominator between Kandiho, CK Asiimwe, Nuwamanya and Bonaabana is simple; the persecution of innocents Rwandans and recruitment of militias to subvert Rwanda. Under Kandiho’s direction; CMI routinely abducts, tortures and kills innocent Rwandans who refuse to be recruited by RNC or SWI (RNC’s satellite NGO). Nuwamanya, a Rwandan National, shoots himself in the foot when he openly thanks Kandiho and Asiimwe for “meritorious service against foreign subversive activities” and for representing “forces pushing for justice and freedom of all.”

No one, in the hundreds of innocents Rwandans taken to CMI torture centers was ever charged in a court of law. When a hardened terrorist like Nuwamanya sees merit, it is understandable that the rest of the world sees abduction, torture and murder.

Seruga aka Serubwa had to throw his hands in the clapping frenzy. Paid by CMI, he is their Facebook support in their online smear campaign against Rwanda. Having failed his fake gay marriage asylum claim in Belgium, he earns a living with CMI payments. Serubwa had to congratulate his bosses especially as he recently lost favor as his godfather, Henry Tumukunde, spectacularly crashed out of the Museveni inner circles.

The promotions and the congratulatory messages prove what is now public domain, Uganda’s anti-Rwandan agenda is real and deeply entrenched in the Ugandan regime.

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