Cananda’s newly enacted quarantine act threatens David Himbara’s movements and drug supplies

David Murunganwa Himbara, the RNC terrorist propagandist, must have smoked more weed than usual and his latest post shows it. While he is obsessing about COVID19 in Rwanda, he missed news that matter to him in his hideout. Canada has just enacted the quarantine act and it has severe implications for his terrorist propaganda.

To earn a living in his self imposed exile, the weed smoker has to constantly write rubbish on Rwanda. The Ugandan regime and Tribert Rujugiro, an international fraudster and terrorist financier, sponsor Murunganwa and insist that he keeps attacking Rwanda with hateful propaganda. They pay for his trips around the world as he masquerades as an expert or an activist. The quarantine order has him pinned down, he will no longer be traveling to defend genocide and terrorists ideologies.

Himbara has lost touch with reality in Rwanda but he will not admit it as he would lose his propaganda job. In recent interview in Kinyarwanda proved it, he could barely compose a full sentence. He looked frail and old, the picture perfect of a COVID19 vulnerable person. He must be glued to the online platforms that report cases worried that his hideout is recording more cases of the viral pandemic.

As he is not paid to write about global concerns, you will never see him write anything substantial about COVID19. However, the quarantine order will most likely affect his drug supply and one can be certain that he will be unleashing his cravings on Rwanda. Although his work is macabre, it can be argued that his sponsors recruited well.

They found someone never sober enough to care for reality. He was their useful high idiot but as he sobers up and faces the prospects of death; Muruganwa will most likely just become a useless rumbling drug addict.

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