A well established and effective system doesn’t require televised lectures in fighting #COVID-19

As world leaders work to contain the COVID-19 outbreak, the terrorist Rwandan National Congress (RNC) agitator David Murunganwa Himbara works very hard to try to distract the public with cheap disinformation. The idiotic weed-smoker does not follow news, either in Rwanda or in Canada — where he conned his way to citizenship— but has time to criticize what everyone else is doing.

Himbara (real name Murunganwa), under the influence of drugs, writes his usual rubbish asking why the Rwandan President had not addressed Rwandans about the pandemic. His creeping dementia prevents his recalling (or perhaps he was never aware in fact) that the President had addressed the nation on this global crisis, and had subsequently gone on to promote the WHO #SafeHands campaign. Rwanda, as well organized society, moved into highly coordinated action with all sectors playing their required role. The ministries for health, local government, security and economic sectors all swung into concerted action to combat the pandemic.

Murunganwa/Himbara is sponsored by a very corrupt Ugandan regime that has had a chaotic approach to the COVID-19 outbreak. The regime that pays him to smear Rwanda is so corrupt that suspects in quarantine simply bribed their way out. The terrorism propagandist turns to his usual slander to divert from and cover for the hand that feeds him. Murunganwa cannot understand that Rwanda works precisely because it relies on institutional competence and rational division of labour.

Interestingly, while Murunganwa-Himbara was yapping on, asking what the Rwandan President was doing about COVID-19, President Kagame was receiving a call from the Canadian Prime Minister with whom he discussed a proposal for a G20 response to the ongoing global crisis. Murunganwa aka Himbara should let sober statesmen work to protect the world from the pandemic. His sponsored propaganda tirades only prove, if any proof were needed, how thoroughly disconnected he truly is and how little he knows about the organization of normally functioning states.

Murunganwa should first ask himself where he is, skulking in self-imposed exile in Canada and how he is having to deal with the effects of drug abuse in his 70s!

The RNC agitator, also paid by Ayabatwa Rujugiro —the international conman known as “AnkleBeeps”in London— is hallucinating if he real thinks heads of state and government pay any heed to his absurd twaddle. He would do much better focussing on a drug rehab programme to end his days with a minimum of dignity.

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