David Murunganwa Himbara, the RNC terrorist propagandist, using COVID-19 to smear Rwanda

The weed smoking terrorist propagandist David Murunganwa AKA Himbara is still trying to destabilize Rwanda using the COVID-19 pandemic. Despite the fact that his hiding place counts 2091 with 621 new cases registered in one single day, Himbara obsesses with calls for Rwanda with only 36 cases to relax social distancing measures. As a member of the Rwandan National Congress (RNC) terrorist movement, his true motive is to enhance COVID-19 infections in Rwanda.

When the pandemic was announced, Murunganwa, who always masquerades as a development expert, could not contain his joy. It was bizarre to see someone rejoice at a pandemic that affected him more given his age and frail health. Regardless of the risk COVID-19 posed to him, he began to elaborate how disaster would strike Rwanda hard.

He noticed that Rwanda was doing the right thing and set out to sabotage it. As the pandemic progressed from Asia to Europe and to America, it became clear that countries that do not react quickly later find controlling the pandemic difficult. The weed smoker was angered by Rwanda’s quick response leading him to write a series of useless articles criticizing social distancing measures. To do so, he hunts down pardon genocide denialist and convicted con artists and amplifies their voices. They share the same objectives.

With funding from the Ugandan regime and an international fraudster —Tribert Rujugiro, a criminal wanted by numerous countries for economic crimes— the weed smoking propagandist constantly writes claiming that Rwandans are unhappy with their government’s quick reaction. It is his job description, attack Rwanda with smear at all cost. Contrary to his sponsored assertions, Rwandans actually feel safe and support measures to contain COVID-19. In fact, Rwanda has been a trend setter on combatting the pandemic. Its innovative approach is copied by other countries and appreciated by the World Health Organization.

His obsession and prime objective is to destabilize Rwanda. That’s the only reason why he attempts to sabotage and criticize any measure taken to combat COVID-19 in Rwanda. He wants more infections, he needs to see chaos! If his RNC militia grenade throwing campaign in 2009 and 2010 failed to yield chaos, what makes him think COVID-19 will succeed? After all, even countries like the one he tricked into giving him citizenship with 2091 cases have not crumbled into chaos.

With the stringent measures in Rwanda, COVID-19 is under control; his wishful thinking of chaos in Rwanda will never materialize. As he dances to his macabre tunes, someone ought to remind him to worry more about COVID-19 cases around his neighborhood. With his weed smoking, a COVID-19 infection would be a death sentence.

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