Out of spite, Weed Smoking Himbara is countering WHO #SafeHands Campaign

As the world mobilizes to combat COVID-19, the RNC propagandist David Himbara is busy countering the mobilization for political gains. The weed-smoking Rwanda National Congress propagandist is attacking the World Health Organization (WHO) hand-washing campaign #SafeHands simply because the President of Rwanda promoted it with his participation.

COVID-19 has so far affected over 170,000 people and killed over 6,500, it is a virus belonging to the Coronavirus type and all experts agree that regular cleaning of hands is crucial in controlling the pandemic. Fugitive Himbara will not hear anything that Rwanda supports even a global message that everyone should keep his or her hands clean.

His so deep-rooted hate will probably lead him to do the opposite of what the President of Rwanda is advising to do. The RNC weed addict will probably not touch water again in protest that Rwandan authorities promoted the message. He will not wash his hands; he will not shower and will try to drink as little water as possible.

The pandemic is nothing to Murunganwa who works for terror enterprise. In his ideal world, the viral outbreak would kill as many as possible; COVID-19 would do what Anti-Rwandan forces have failed to do, destabilize Rwanda. In reality, it is only normal for a terrorist propagandist to try and sabotage life saving measures; his objective is to take lives, not save lives.

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