Weed Smoking RNC Propagandist Himbara hopes the COVID19 outbreak cancels CHOGM2020

Fugitive David Himbara is up to his cheap propaganda games again by exploiting global concerns for his Anti-Rwanda agenda. The weed smoking Rwanda National Congress (RNC) propagandist, sponsored by the Ugandan regime and the international fraudster Rujugiro, highlights Rwanda’s COVID19 prevention measures as if Rwanda is different to any other country on the planet in taking pro-active measures.

It is classic case where Himbara –the sponsored troll – attacks Rwanda for being proactive to cover up the incompetency of the Ugandan Regime that sponsors him in reacting quickly. He hopes that by rumormongering and attacking Rwanda, he will provide some cover for the slow and decaying regime he serves. As a paid anti-Rwanda propagandist, he also dreams of achieving “the holy grail”; the cancelation of the Commonwealth Heads of Government Meeting (CHOGM2020) in Kigali. The cancelation would appease their fear that CHOGM2020 will make Rwanda look good after wasting millions in trying to tarnish Rwanda’s image.

Weed Smoking Himbara’s COVID19 exploitation will certainly be exploited by other hostile anti-Rwanda media. These will focus on Rwanda instead of asking their sponsoring Ugandan regime to take preventative measures.

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