Gideon Rukundo Rugali of “RNC Uganda Province” Using Kizito to Divert From Regional Ultimatum

RNC Uganda Province Commissioner in Charge of Communication and Media, Gideon Rukundo Rugali, blunders in his attempt to exploit Kizito Mihigo’s funeral. The glorified RNC propagandist and liar in chief on Facebook is so desperate for a headline that he makes a list of false claims about a public event.

There are pictures and videos of the funeral service that show pallbearers that are clearly not presidential guards. The funeral was attended by his family and friends and some of his fans. Rugali should look at his fellow CMI sponsored propagandist video, Softpower (Sarah Kagingo’s CMI media outlet) clearly shows a public funeral with fans holding their mobile phones and taking pictures.

Despite the plea from Kizito Mihigo’s family, the conflicted Rugali and fellow RNC propagandists continue their shameful exploitation of a tragedy. They hope that by doing so, they will divert attention from the fact that Uganda has been given one month to clear its land of RNC militias in order to normalize relations with Rwanda.

The cheap RNC-NRM troll, polygamous and jobless Gideon Rugali should be more concerned about his own faith. In 2003, Rugali fled from Uganda to Rwanda after the Ugandan Chieftaincy of Military Intelligence (CMI) hunted him down for supplying medicine to a rebel group in Uganda – the Popular Resistance Army (PRA). It took the intervention of the then Minister of Internal Affairs, current Prime Minister, Dr. Ruhakama Rugunda, to get Gideon Rukundo to turn himself in before he was mysteriously cleared. He has since then been working under the supervision of Elly Tumwine, the Uganda Minister of Security, and the Uganda police DIGP Sabiiti Muzeyi. He was fired from Mulango Hospital for insubordination and misconduct by Doctor Diane Twine, the Permanent Secretary in Ministry of Health, and now relies on his online job to feed his polygamous family.

Ugandan is losing about $ 300 Million, eventually, it will turn on him and hunt him down again as they did in 2003. The difference is that this time, he will not be fleeing to Rwanda. He should pack his bags and get ready for a cold betrayal; his RNC militia is simply not worth the cost to Uganda.

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