Alfred Museremu, The Head of Operations in The Blood Drenched Burundian Intelligence Services, Milking Kizito Mihigo’s Suicide.

After the Ugandan Intelligence (CMI/ISO) sponsored trolls and media outlets extensively exploited the suicide of Kizito Mihigo, the idiotic Burundi Intelligence Service (SNR) joined their exercise in milking the suicide. Unlike their Ugandan counterparts, Burundi’s SNR does not even bother with hiding behind anonymous accounts. They operate their attacks directly with Alfred Innocent Museremu, SNR’s operation and strategic planning director. Using his personal account, he launches a vicious slanderous attack using Mihigo as ammunition.

Alfred Museremu joined CNDD-FDD in 2003 and rose to OPC2 (equivalent to Lieutenant Colonel) in the integrated Police with Matricule OPN 0925. He was rewarded for his crimes in 2015 when he opted to shoot and kill protestors with a detachment to the SNR in December 2017. He had tarnished his name beyond repair in the traffic police department with his crimes caught in a number of pictures. He earned a sarcastic nickname “the traffic police Rambo” always on edge to shoot something. As a reward and with nothing to lose, he was dispatched to the SNR as an advisor in charge of security questions in December 2017 and later promoted as the operation and strategic planning director in December 2019.

The list of his crimes reads like a horror script. In 2015, Museremu shot protestors with live bullets when he was the head of the traffic police department, it was captured by a brave photojournalist. For the protestors caught alive by Museremu, he subjected them to all manner of cruel torture. He enjoyed torture so much that he would go out of his way to visit police stations hunting for any protestor caught alive to torture. All along, Museremu tried to evacuate his family from Burundi.

Rewarded for killing

At the height of the crisis, Museremu tried to evacuate his three children and his mother Pauline NDAYISENGA. Separated with his wife who was tired of being his punching bag, Diane Kelly NIRAGIRA, it took him numerous attempts to secure the evacuation of his children as his wife bravely opposed it at any border crossing including the airport. Eventually, he bullied her into submission and she let her children go to Uganda, away from the carnage their father was about to commit.

On the night of 13/05/2015, he participated in the destruction of three private media houses (RPA, Renaissance and Bonesha). They poured fuel to the buildings and set them ablaze to silence independent media in Burundi. He is violent by all accounts, a psychopath known to pull his victims’ nails with tweezers. In 2018, he abducted a young girl by the name Arielle Sabushimike at the entrance of the Institut Française in Bujumbura. She was released a week later under pressure of social media and human rights activists but is still too traumatized to talk about her ordeal.

The suicide of Kizito Mihigo means absolutely nothing to Museremu other than an occasion to utter his genocidal rhetoric. His SNR office is a known slaughter and torture center, the illusion that such a person would care for anything other than his genocidal agenda from such an office is ludicrous. The regime he works for is so comfortable with genocide ideology that he doesn’t even bother hiding his identity. On the contrary, Museremu hopes to be noticed and admired for his bigotry, he speculates it will earn him a promotion as his “bones crashing” habit has.

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