Shocking Details Revealed As The 3rd Ad Hoc Commission Meeting Begins In Kigali.

The 3rd meeting of the Luanda MoU began with shocking revelations, Uganda’s hypocrisy was exposed for all to see. Olivier Nduhungirehe, heading the Rwandan delegation, presented evidence on how Uganda says something and yet does the complete opposite. It be Uganda’s support for terrorist groups or the illegal detention of hundreds of Rwandans, the Rwandan delegation’s opening remarks set the tone; Uganda has a mountain of explanations to deliver.

“In continuation of the mobilization of anti-Rwanda armed groups CMI facilitated on 2nd February 2020, the very day of the quadripartite summit in Luanda, a two-day meeting between the members of the RNC and RUD-Urunana terrorist organizations which were held in Mbarara, the meeting was attended by among others captain Nshimiye aka Governor, Col Rugema Emmanuel and Col Sam, all representing RUD-URunana while deserter Lt Frank Mushaija, Major Ntare, Captain Frank Mugisha aka Sunday, Jean Marie Vianney Turabumukiza and Major Robert Higiro represented RNC, CMI dispatched vehicles that took Col Rugema and his delegation from Kisoro to Mbarara from the meeting, the purpose of this meeting was to forge plans to start a new RNC-RUB rebellion and intensify mobilization activities.”, said the head of delegation of the Rwandan party to the Ad Hoc commission.

In other words, while the region convened a meeting for President Museveni and President Kagame, the Uganda Chieftancy for Military Intelligence (CMI) was busy organizing a summit of terrorist in Mbarara Uganda. There were even more shocking revelations;

  • Charlote Mukankunsi, commissioner in charge of diplomacy in the RNC terrorist organization visited again Uganda in January 2020 in RNC mission to meet top officials of the government of Uganda
  • RNC Uganda province led by Pator Deo Nyirgira and Dr Sam Ruvuma continued its activities including recruitment recruiting mobilization fundraising forming new cells and committees in various parts of Uganda especially in Kyangwale and Nyakivala refugee camps as well as Mityana
  • Captain Nshimiye aka GOVERNOR who coordinated Kinigi terror attack in the night of 3rd-4th October 2019 is still under the protection of Uganda security organs and is handled by minister of state Philemon Mateke , he freely frequents Kyangwale refugee camp where dome of their combatants and dependents are located. Nshimiye regulary travels to Kisoro to visit his wife and to meet minister mateke for briefings. In the same vein Nzabonimana Fidel, Kabayiza Seleman and Mugwaneza Eric RUD Urunana operatives who participated in the KINIGI attack and reported to Ugandan authorities on 12 October 2019 are still protected by Ugandan security organs from facing justice in Rwanda.

These compelling points show beyond a reasonable doubt that Uganda has not honored the Luanda MoU to normalize relations.

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