RNC bootlicker David Himbara, scapegoating Rwanda as ICC nightmare hit his Sponsors

The Rwanda National Congress (RNC) propagandist, the weed-smoking David Himbara, is notorious for writing without thinking. Himbara who spends his time with terrorists and genocidaires should be the last person to mention International justice. Inherently unreliable, Himbara does not realize how he is hurting his partners and sponsors by the mere mention of the International Criminal Court (ICC).

Not so long ago, he traveled to Sweden to defend a convicted genocidaire on appeal. In May 2019, He flew all the way to Sweden to defend Theodore Rukeratabaro hoping to get him acquitted on appeal but failed. This was part of his duty in their alliance with FDLR and other genocidal maniacs. Himbara as an RNC propagandist is aware of the diabolical pact concluded with the help of Ugandan authorities like Philemon Mateke – the Banana Republic’s State Minister in Charge regional affairs.

As he types his usual smear hoping to belittle Rwanda and its leaders, someone should tell him to sober up. He should take a look at his phonebook, at his list of friends; he will realize that they all tremble at the mere mention of ICC. Evidently, after the Rukeratabaro case, Himbara’s words and blog are not enough to protect his partners’ crimes.

Whether it is his FDLR or RNCs, Burundian or Ugandan authorities; ICC gives them nightmares. Rwanda, on the other hand, is not even a signatory of the Rome Status that gave birth to the ICC. He should think before writing; Rwanda is not worried about the ICC, his partners and sponsors are.

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