Weed-Smoking Himbara Wants Trouble for the pardoned Genocide Denier Victoire Ingabire

Rwanda National Congress propagandist, the weed smoking David Himbara, paid to tarnish Rwanda, enjoys a good pain and suffering story. Psychiatrists would call him a sadist, and through his latest blog, intern him for psychosis. He passionately writes that a convicted Genocide denier, Victoire Ingabire, is suffered from mental torture simply because she was called to appear at the Rwandan Investigation Bureau.

His sponsors, the Ugandan Chieftaincy of Military Intelligence, tortures extensively and routinely. For almost three years, they round up innocent Rwandans, hold then in secret detentions facilities and torture them. Those who suffer mental breakdowns as a result are then sent to a psychiatric hospital known as Butabika. Those who die are either secretly buried or shipped back to Rwanda under the cover of darkness. Himbara knows very well what torture is, his sponsors and his terrorist organization practice it on a daily basis.

Fugitive Himbara also happens to be the sole receipt of the fake Victor Ingabire “human rights” prize. It is a prize he cooked up while Ingabire was in prison for genocide denialism, he was milking her prison term for his fame. Unexpectedly, she sought to be pardoned and received it. Himbara, however, continued to milk her for his fame.

Secretly, Himbara wants Victoire Ingabire jailed to offer him more imaginary pain to write about. He has never cared about Ingabire, all he wants is a juicy pain and suffering story out of her and get his paycheque from his Genocidaires sponsors.

As a very active voice in the anti-Rwanda terrorist enterprise, Fugitive Himbara hopes that his public sympathy for a pardoned genocide denier will get her in trouble. It would give him more propaganda to write about and secure his CMI financing.

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