David Himbara’s Real Problems And His Escapism To Slander

Himbara and his click

The Rwanda National Congress (RNC) Weed Smoking sponsored propagandist cannot mind his business. David Himbara, unhappy with Qatar’s investments in Rwanda, writes pejoratively that Rwanda has a new “master”. Probably trying to appeal to his neocolonialist friends (The Financial Times, Judi Rever, etc..), Himbara is unable to mind his business.

Divorced more than twice, fugitive Himbara is the one that run back to with his tail between his legs to his first wife in Canada. After ditching her in South Africa, he had to crawl back to her shelter and play granddad to a child born out of wedlock. In reality, he returned to find his daughter addicted to a few things and anorexic, pregnant without a husband.

Why is the Weed Smoker not spending more time managing his affairs? Surely, since he clearly has more urgent family issues, he should spend more time with his off-springs. In the next blog, I will reveal what torments Himbara most, his nocturnal activities in Nyamirambo! Meantime, Fazela Haniff (Himbara’s first wife) should ask him to focus on their daughter.

Meantime, Fazela Haniff (Himbara’s first wife) should ask him to focus on their daughter, but unfortunately, be it Haniff, Himbara and thier daughter are all unstable and no one can tame the other instead they incite each other in drugs and hostile propaganda against Rwanda

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