As December paycheque delays, CMI’s pay-per-post agent Seruga sends out false assassination alarms

CMI’s pay-per-post Belgium based Facebook mercenary is the conduit through which CMI vents its frustrations and emotions. When you want to read CMI’s mind, you only have to read Serubwa’s Facebook posts.

In his recent post, he talks about a plot to assassinate Uganda’s very powerful first brother and two intelligence officials.

But we have come to know that these are diversionary tactics employed by CMI, whenever they drain their operations facilitation account. See, they are big spenders and live a lifestyle of Mexican drug cartel bosses, thanks to the loot from the operations funding by Ugandan tax payers.

When the account starts showing red, the CMI mafia bosses send out false assassination alarms through their strategically placed online sirens (Titus Seruga, Spyreports, Commandpost, Eyalama news etc), and they use this as an invoice to ask for more facilitation funds from Ugandan tax payers.

Also, their Rwanda phobia and guilt due to the heinous human rights crimes they have been committing against Rwandans has deprived them of their peace of mind. This is the principal reason they are always hallucinating about being assassinated. The guilty are always afraid of even their shadows.

In bid to lend validation to their incongruous claims, the CMI mouthpiece Seruga alleges that when the South African intelligence chief visited Uganda with a delegation from the country’s security agencies in December last year, he was there to ‘learn from Uganda how to contain DMI (sic) agents.’

However, Lt. Gen JM Nyembe, in his own words had this to say about the reason of his visit to Uganda: “It is important that we see things on the same wave length, we identify problems and together come up with solutions,” he said, adding that sharing ideas and advising each other on current global challenges like terrorism, unemployment, climate change and migrations, among others will make Africa prosper.”

There is nowhere in his statement where he even slightly mentioned Rwanda or assassinations. But trust CMI mouthpieces like Seruga to milk every statement for money, literally (pun intended).

However, in Kinyarwanda we have a saying that says that even crazy people state some truth in the course of their crazy rumblings. The same goes for Titus Serubwa, who receives first-hand CMI intel whenever they want him to smear Rwanda and its leadership.

In this post about CMI imaginary assassinations, he confirms and puts to record what we have been talking about concerning Uganda’s first family and the powers they wield over Ugandans: This is what he had to say: “Uganda’s First brother, General Salim Saleh “who until now still yields a lot of power in who is appoint where in the military….”

He also reveals that he has privilege access to ‘high priority’ intelligence information in these words: “Those who had planned to Murder Gen. saleh were arrested and still under the custody of the army. This matter is however kept under the carpet in order not jeopardize investigations which are high priority.” Except that we know without doubt that this is euphemism for more innocent Rwandans abducted, tortured and illegally held by CMI on trumped up allegations like these ones.

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