RNC publicist Himbara tasked to project failures of Rwanda’s Vision 2050

The weed smoking David Himbara is a natural pessimist and a Rwandan naysayer. That is why his bankrollers assigned him the task of expressing pessimism towards Rwandan programs and try to cast as much doubt as possible on Rwanda’s development projections, even though everyone knows the country always achieves its goals.

The RNC terror outfit publicist is now doubting whether Rwanda will achieve Vision 2050, which refers to as ‘delusional grandeur’.

Here is our analysis of the cause of Himbara’s pessimism, which he projects on his surroundings, and ofcourse on Rwanda: the RNC’s ‘Vision capture Rwanda by force of arms’ which was sponsored by anti-Rwanda enterprises fell flat on its belly, courtsey of FARDC’s ‘Vision 2019-2020’ whose objective is to make DR Congo militia free.

Because of this, fugitive Himbara’s cash flow has been dwindling, and you know what that means – that his fix of weed is not as regular anymore as it was during the happy days. Dont be surprised then, that he is asking what Rwandan leaders are smoking. According to him, weed makes things work out better, and there suspects that Rwanda’s rapid transformation is as a result of leaders smoking weed like him.

And since his sponsors have turned off the taps, he is asking what (type of weed) Rwandan leaders are smoking so that they can send some his way. Desperate Himbara, in Rwanda we ‘smoke’, eat and drink patriotism. Thats what drives us to achieve our goals.

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