BREAKING NEWS: Inside the CMI / ISO Social Media Network Operations

It is no state secret that the Ugandan intelligence services (CMI, ISO, and ESO) run several blogs, Social Media accounts on Facebook and Twitter in their anti-Rwanda propaganda.

A mole in their network, probably blackmailing for a pay rise, has begun to spill beans and drop names on the real identities behind several anonymous platforms. He says he will reveal how the hostile anti-Rwanda network is run and operated and divulge the identity of key operators such as CommandPost and RPF Gakwerere managers’ names.

There are several known names to the public, who openly run very hostile propaganda outlets. Sarah Kagingo’s Softpower and Giles Muhame’s Chimpreports openly run anti-Rwanda propaganda, but according to the insider, there are less familiar yet more toxic actors in the Ugandan intelligence social media machinery.

For example for Chimpreports articles, the mole says that his payments used to be done by one Dellah Nyakanzi who is said to owe money to a number of propaganda writers. Apparently, delayed payments, payments in installments and worse no payment is a common practice in the network. Another example was CommandPost, owned by Bob Atwine, but closely managed by a lady that goes by the name of Musiimenta along with one Andrew Katusabe Irumba.

The leak, a “CMI Watergate”, does not just focus on financial malpractices in the network; it also reveals the interconnection of several accounts. In reality, Bob Atwine’s CommandPost is also Spyreport Uganda and Patriotic Pulse TV is NRM Online TV. The source says the network is rather extensive with some of his colleagues’ given rewards of expatriation to work as security guards in Syria or Pakistan via Giles Muhame’s human trafficking networks.

Asked about Titus Seruga, Gideon Rukundo Rugali, Sulah Nuwamanya Wakabiligi, and Prossy Bonaabana the mole confirmed their affiliation to Ugandan Intelligence social media operations but said there were other major actors little known to the public. Names like Edgar Muvunyi Tabaro, Ian Kakuru, Wamala Raymond, Nicolas Mwesigwa, or Wilberforce Nyakana are all major players in the Anti-Rwanda propaganda.

According to the mole, who promised more details on their internal organization, there is growing discontent amongst the rank and files who powerlessly have to watch their handlers enrich themselves. He is adamant; there will definitely be more leaks.

In part two, our source makes public how Blogs, Twitter and Facebook pages like CommandPost and RPF Gakwerere operate in a synchronized manner.

Make sure you read Part 2: Who does what in the CMI/ISO social media network operations?

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