Weed Smoking Psychotic Propagandist David Himbara Unhealthy Obsession With Presidential Trips

By his own admission, RNC publicist David Himbara is a joke who was laughed at by aviation experts. The weed-smoking propagandist fails to know is all sorts of experts and novices laugh at him. Himbara is laughed at for his ignorance and for his megalomania; nothing is as funny as to watch a stray cat pretending to be a lion.

When Himbara counts the number of Presidential trips and mentions an application that helps him “track” private jets, he actually gives an insight into his obsession with the Rwandan leadership. He revealed the aviation application as far back as in July 2019. On the 21st of July 2019, Himbara wrote about Flightradar24 and called for Rwandan to use it in a patronizing manner. For him to now say that experts told him about the application six months after illustrate how dishonest and bored he actually is.

If he was honest and had an aviation expert that is even willing to waste his time to talk to him, I would request Himbara to ask his fictitious expert to explain a few minor details. For example, he should inquire about the limit of the flight tracking application, it cannot tell him who is on the plane or the object of the trip. If a jet goes for routine maintenance, Himbara will count it as a trip by the President. His innovation, to load an application and get fixated on it for days hoping to follow an airplane live is sad. I wonder whether Himbara secretly wishes for a ride in the presidential jet, and follows it obsessively as a result. Either way, if he wants to know why people laugh at him, he should read his own blogs and check his psychotic behavior.

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