RNC’s Weed Smoking Himbara Trolling On Trash And Sewage Matters

The New Times Rwanda has a troll, especially on sewage matters; the troll is none other than David Himbara. Himbara, the Rwanda National Congress propagandist, bizarrely has a keen interest in the announced centralized sewage system for Kigali. The weed smoking Professor of hate interest in the Kigali’s sewage system indicates that the project will be in his target sight in his effort to sabotage positive development in Rwanda.

David Himbara has been doing everything he can to tarnish to image of Rwanda bitter that the country moves on despite his efforts to destabilized Rwanda. The propagandist, who fakes data, news and events to harm Rwanda, regularly, trolls The New Times for any announcement of a mega project to tarnish. In his megalomaniac mind, he overplays his importance and believes his analysis to be of global importance when the reality is that no one actually cares.

For the past ten years, he swindles anti-Rwandan forces with the idea that he can halt economic development in Rwanda with his smear and fabrication. In turn, anti-Rwandan forces sponsor him enabling him to live a life solely based on smearing. In urban lingo, Himbara is the definition of “a professional hater”, he will hate on Rwanda for anything and he is paid to do so. Be it an airport, a road, a hospital, or even the weather; as long as it is good news from Rwanda, Fugitive Himbara will attack and criticize it. If it is written by the New Times, Himbara will have to react.

The weed smoker’s obsession with sewage matters, with no expertise on the matter other than populating trash online, will certainly entertain him for a few weeks to come as he again struggles to impress his sponsors; but he ought to know; no one cares about his opinion.

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