Himbara sheer ignorance on fiduciary obligations is so painful for an intellectual

In his daily hostile, negative, misleading and half-baked propaganda, weed-smoking David Himbara a.k.a the professor of lies has hopelessly span a very laughable piece of intellectual dishonest about Rwanda’s registered business net worth.

The weed smoking Muppet claimed that Rwanda should not have captured the actual worth of Bugesera International Airport project in its 2017 earmarked and registered businesses, simply because it did not materialise.

Well, for people of average knowledge in economics and accountability like him that would sound bizarre, but Himbara forget simple and basic economic and accountability principles like fiduciary duty.

In the interest of time let me introduce Himbara to a concept called fiduciary duty and accountability. Simply this concept that is applied mostly in accountability relates to relationship between two parties obligating one to act solely in the interest of the other.

Coming back to what this means in the Bugesera International Airport case, which Himbara openly distorted to suit his intellectual constipation, Rwanda Government had entered into a contract with a firm that was supposed to execute a project within the agreed terms of references.

The budget was earmarked and portion of work has been underway from then till today. What Himbara doesn’t understand is that such were not expression of intent as he claims, the work was and still is in progress.

Fiduciary obligations were then transferred (and its business net worth would not be ignored) to the new contractor with clear cut terms of references, he should wait and see project materialising like so many others he criticized but turned out to be successful.

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