RNC’s Weed Smoking Himbara loses sleep over Rwanda’s $2.4 billion Investments record In 2019

The Rwanda National Congress propagandist, the weed-smoking fraud David Himbara, is once again commenting about issues to which he has absolutely no idea about. He is obsessed with the recent announcement that Rwanda saw over $2.4 billion in investment in 2019. The Rwanda Development Board made the announcement two days ago, Himbara has lost sleep since then. He picked one project, the Rusizi III project to advance a narrative that the $2.4 billion investment is not true.

Read: Rwanda Development Board registers over US$ 2.4 billion worth of investments in 2019

Initially, Himbara was so furious that he confused Foreign Direct Investments (FDI’s) with Investments. Having frauded his way through academia, Himbara simply did not know the difference. When he realized that he was becoming a laughing stock for his inability to distinguish FDI’s and Investments, Himbara switched tunes and moved to attack the Rusizi III project.

The project is a hydro-electric power plant construction by the Communauté Economique des Pays des Grand Lac” (CEPGL), an international organization of Burundi, Rwanda and RD Congo. The international organization has its headquarter in Rwanda, in Rubavu City. The power plant will be constructed on the river that demarks Rwanda and DR Congo. Yet Himbara wants to deny that it is an Investment in Rwanda.

Read: AfDB approves Ruzizi III hydropower plant project, bringing green energy to Burundi, DRC and Rwanda

Perhaps he does not know what an investment is, in economics, an investment is the purchase of goods that are not consumed today but are used in the future to create wealth. If CEPGL’s bank account in Rwanda has $600 Million for investment in a multi-national project to create wealth in the future, then it is called an investment. DR Congo and Burundi can also state that $600 Million were invested, no one reasonable, logical development expert will engage in dividing the investment value. Only Weed Smoking Himbara can think of such madness, he really should go back to high school.

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