Himbara, Museveni’s Stooge, floods The New Times with sponsored smears

David Himbara, the weed-smoking stooge used by Corrupt Museveni to slander Rwanda with propaganda, has run out of steam. Pressured to continuously producing lies and fiction on Rwanda, Himbara is exhausted as he realized his propaganda has no impact on Rwanda. He is now trying to convert himself into volunteer commentator on articles published by The New Times. His new occupation is to read all The New Times articles, searching for something to write about.

When The New Times wrote a review of the innovating ICT program for the education sector, Museveni’s stooge Himbara pounced on the article and claimed The New Times embarrassed him [referring to the President] on ICT. Stooge Himbara cannot understand how Rwanda works; unlike in the Museveni’s regime that sponsors him, Rwanda sets objectives and strives to achieve them. Honest reviews are part of the process to attain the set objectives. He is used to the Ugandan regime style; Museveni throws a soundbite like “we will fight corruption”, and goes walking about promoting the soundbite.

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For 34 years, Corrupt Museveni has been taking Uganda for a ride and now hires hostile Rwandan insurgents in his effort to destabilize Rwanda. Himbara who is also a Rwanda National Congress propagandist cannot pretend to care about schools in Rwanda. His RNC movement throws grenades at innocent civilians; they attack and kill innocent Rwandans including children.

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Himbara cannot turn around after smoking his weed to comment about the development of Rwanda while working to destroy it. He should review Ugandan media and advice his sponsor Corrupt Museveni. According to Ugandan media, Museveni’s police is gazing children, Himbara should review that and advice his boss.

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