David Himbara Museveni’s stooge in fresh cliché and ridiculous currency analysis

A stooge paid by Museveni to hurl insults and lies at Rwanda has just made the most ludicrous breakdown of Rwanda’s currency seeking to paint Rwanda’s negative economic outlook. But he forgot that Uganda’s currency is not weaker but dead.

In doing so, the weed smoker and stooge for the corrupt Museveni, was campaigning indiscreetly for desperate Ugandan traders who have been crying foul for Rwanda to open its borders on the Ugandan side.

Himbara false alarm is that the dollar is trading at 945 Rwandan Franc when the same dollar in Uganda is valued at 3700 Uganda Shilling, meaning three times weaker than that of Rwanda. It is expected that Shilling against dollar will get at its bottom fall, after projected markets decline.

What the pseudo professor of lies has deliberately ignored is that in the region, no currency has made considerable gains against the dollar. It is therefore the dollar getting stronger and not regional currencies getting weaker.

He should also be reminded that Rwanda’s economic growth in some quarters registered double digits, notwithstanding being the lead in doing business in the whole region.

Read: Rwanda’s GDP Grows By 11.9% In Q3

Clearly, it is the Uganda shilling that needs help and in the quickest way possible Museveni needs to regain its fourth market (Rwanda) by renouncing hostile activities against Rwandans like continuous persecution, aid and abetting rebellious forces against Rwanda and releasing innocent Rwandans languishing in Uganda prisons.

Unleashing trolls and propagandists like weed smoking Himbara to embarrass themselves with a laughable analysis comparing currency values won’t help corrupt Museveni strengthen his shillings

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