Museveni’s stooge, David Himbara, Repeats His Toilet Lies

Weed smoking David Himbara is a fraud in every possible angle. He is a stooge used by Museveni to smear Rwanda. Reading his latest post giving fake ‘World Bank’ documents interpretations, the RNC propagandist betrays himself exposing how incoherent and incompetent he actually is. Posing as an educator, an economist, a specialist in development and a holder of a Ph.D., Himbara hides behind his multiple identity façade a very limited intellectual capacity.

He writes that Rwanda is about to build latrines for $200 million when in fact the $200 million represent an entire program budget as shown in the table below: 

The so-called educator does not spare educational programs in his attacks on behalf of RNC. Any attempt to improve anything in Rwanda warrants his social media attack with fake interpretation.

It is easy to spot Himbara when he is deliberately distorting reports and data. He never references his quotes, something rather serious for a self-proclaimed ‘Educator’. Furthermore, on the latrine issues –which he imagined – one might be tempted to as him whether he considers a school complete without latrine? But these are just a few hallmarks of a paid ‘intoxicator’. David Himbara’s role in RNC is to intoxicate, he is no educator or economist, and he is paid to do so by Rujugiro and Museveni. When he writes that there will be more latrine built than schools, even his soberness/sanity should be questioned. Each school must have at the very least two latrines (male/female). Basic logic, primary level maths, dictates more latrines than schools. Writing under the influence, the weed smoker could not even work out the latrine to school ratio. Only Himbara, in the entire academic world he faked his way to, will not understand this. Rujugiro and Museveni should ask for a refund or seek a more capable liar.

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