David Himbara, Museveni’s Stooge, recycling in book 2019 failed narratives for 2020.

Museveni’s stooge, David Himbara, begins the year doing what he does best; trying to make a living on lies and slander. He announced yet another book this year, most likely a self published compilation of his usual lies.

For the fourth time in a book title and in over 600 other blog titles, he reveals his Museveni sponsored propaganda. The stooge has economic sabotage as a specific lines from his sponsor. He therefore has to do what his nazi propagandists role models did by repeating the same lines over and over again. Gobbles, Hitler’s Chief propagandist, believed that if one repeated a lie over and over again, eventually, people would believe it. His technique inspires Himbara.

Himbara ought to know what madness is. For Albert Einstein, foolishness is doing the same thing over and over again while expecting a different result. For almost ten years, Museveni and Himbara have been doing nothing but repetition, smear and fictional tales to add hype to their lies.

His recycled propaganda book will therefore include crazy conspiracy theories with Bill Clinton, Tony Blair and Jim Young Kim to attract readers. His cover page also indicates he will be attacking the World Bank, payback for having denounced his manipulation of data to fit the Museveni narrative on Rwanda.

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