PRETENSE: Museveni and his Stooge David Himbara pretend to care about Rwandans

Museveni’s stooge, David Himbara, could not help himself. With heavy rains, some of the most severe in recent times, Kigali braved floods and its emergency preparedness responded on time as opposed to the recent floods in the Ugandan capital Kampala.

Himbara who writes on behalf of Museveni, spewing venom to destabilize Rwanda, recently criticized preparations for the heavy rains. As a functional state, Rwanda’s meteorological agency issued warnings, and populations living in hazardous areas were moved. Himbara (who wished that many Rwandans die from the high risk zones) criticized the operation calling it inhuman, and all sorts of propagandist jargon.

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These were lives saved by planning and coordination which his sponsoring state doesn’t bother with. Instead, Museveni blamed God and Ugandans probably as he preferred to check on his cows before planning a secret medical trip. His stooge, meanwhile, is instructed to exploit everything that might harm Rwanda, even a natural calamity forgetting that hundreds lost lives in the recent floods in Uganda.

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After 34 years of gross misrule, corruption and nepotism, the only strategy of the Kampala regime is to use Rwanda to distract and scapegoat. While holding hundreds of innocents Rwandans in illegal detentions and torturing them without a case, the Corrupt Ugandan ruler Museveni does not care about Rwanda when he is sponsoring attacks on their motherland, therefore his weed smoking Stooge Himbara is not fooling anyone.

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