David Himbara, Museveni’s Stooge, ends the year diverting from a catastrophic 2019 for Uganda, RNC, FDLR, RUD and FLN

The paid mouthpiece of the Ugandan regime, David Himbara, can foresee that his annual report to Museveni will be gloomy. Having received huge amounts of money to tarnish Rwanda and its leadership while sanitizing terrorist groups like the Rwandan National Congress (RNC) and their P5 allies, Himbara suffered major setbacks. His reflex, for lack of any other recourse, is to project his failures onto Rwanda.

Museveni’s Stooge Himbara is a paid propagandist; he writes what Museveni tells him to write. In this case, Museveni too has suffered massive setbacks in 2019 and does appear to have directed an attack on all points that represent Rwandan success against his plan to destabilize Rwanda. Himbara takes success and tries to tarnish them with his usual spin. He takes the Qatar airport deal and calls it a debt when it is a direct investment. The $1.3 Billion hurt Museveni’s feelings so much that he orders his stooge to call it a loan to hoodwink Ugandans not to hold him accountable for billions dollar projects that have stalled in Uganda. It represents, once again, a failure to sabotage the economy of Rwanda.

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On top of his failure to sabotage the economy, his militia agenda with RNC saw in 2019 its worst year. All proxy groups set up and supported by the Uganda junta lost senior commanders and “leaders” this year. Mudacumura of FDLR, Musabyimana of RUD-Urunana, Sibomana of RNC, Gen.Shemeki Shaban of CNRD/FLN just to mention a few are top commanders killed on the battlefield.

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The list of captured militias runs into hundreds, as those surrendering are in their thousands. 2019 is also the year Museveni’s RNC militia commander Kayumba Nyamwasa organized the disappearance of RNC Commissioner Ben Rutabana who was getting to noisy for his liking. The disappearance of Rutabana scared off another RNC Commissioner Jean-Paul Turayishimye who resigned fearing to end up “missing” which has now left the terrorist group divided. Furthermore one of their contacts in Rwanda, Jackie Umuhoza, daughter of their Ugandan “Province” Executive Committee Coordinator Deo Nyirigira, is facing charges of espionage and treason.

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Himbara is a useful idiot to the Ugandan regime; he allows them to say what they could never do after 34 years of misrule, corruption, and nepotism. For instance, as Museveni cannot dare criticise Rwanda‘s emergency preparedness against floods he sends Himbara to do so. In the first week of December, floods killed 36 Ugandans, and Museveni’s reaction was to blame God and Ugandans.

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The same Corrupt Museveni who is unhappy to see that Rwanda took preemptive measures to save her citizens’ lives, he sends his stooge Himbara to write nonsense that 1000 people were displaced.

In 2019, Museveni really lost a lot; even his health is failing him, Himbara’s lies might make him feel better for a few hours but eventually, reality comes back to haunt him.

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