Himbara, Museveni’s Stooge, should worry about his safety before his paymaster dumps him

David Himbara, Museveni’s stooge, is once again braving ridicule to fulfill his mission. The weed smoking propagandist is paid to write smear and for lack of substance, he once again fabricates false stories to meet his paymaster’s demand.

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He truly enjoys his weed, the stooge forgets how dangerous it is to work for Corrupt Museveni, especially on the anti-Rwanda desk with the Rwandan National Congress (RNC). Museveni is deadly, hundreds of Ugandans can testify, he does not even hesitate to kill his own friends.

The latest victim is Rwandan dissident, Ben Rutabana of RNC who disappeared in Kampala for just a quarrel with Museveni’s RNC militia commander Kayumba Nyamwasa, former CDF Gen Aronda Nyakairima perceived as Museveni’s rival was poised; Museveni will order killings without hesitation. If he doesn’t kill you, his wife, son, brother or nephew will.


Himbara should know that the Museveni mafia is a dangerous organization, even his own ministers fear it. The former State Minister for ICT Aidah Nantaba said the mafia wanted to kill her. So far she has been very lucky; one week ago, they fired her. We can only hope they do not do to her what they did to Muhammad Kirumira. They fired him from the police for standing up against corruption and then gunned him down!

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The RNC propagandist Himbara should focus on his own safety regardless of what assignment Museveni gives him. It simply does not end well.

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