Museveni stooge, David Himbara hopelessly laments evidence against his paymaster

News reaching my desk has been that Museveni stooge and now mentally injured David Himbara -after damaging his lungs and liver from binge drinking and excessive intake of Marijuana- has asked his paymaster for more time on the propaganda docket as his life plunges into severe distress.

News of Himbara’s illness

In fact, while the whole anti-Rwanda propaganda machine was busy distorting remarks of Rwanda’s state minister in charge of regional affairs, Olivier Nduhungirehe on outcomes of the previous round of the second ad-hoc commission, the ailing Himbara had excused himself to join the bandwagon later as he looked for more lies against him and struggling with his health status.

His latest piece after struggling to defend Museveni’s junta officials against empirical evidence provided by Minister Nduhungirehe on Rwanda’s concerns with Uganda. He signed it with a miserable teaser “Stay Tuned,” like saying “Give me more time as I patch up more lies.”

On the other hand, David Himbara literally forgets that his mission as a paid propagandist is to lie for Museveni, failure to that would make his life more miserable and make him a pauper. He knows very well no one else would employ him in Canada.

One can literary add that Museveni’s stooge and chimney weed smoker Himbara, has come late to toe the newest order like that given to Softpower, CommandPost, Nilewire, Sulah Nuwamanya, Titus Seruga which is “Attack Olivier Nduhungirehe, he has hurt us so much.”

In argumentative writing, argumentum ad hominem – an argument based on an attack against the person– is used when one lacks any other factual argument. Himbara is powerless against the evidence that Museveni has been supporting efforts to destabilize Rwanda; he lacks any argument to defend his sponsor. He, therefore, hopes that an Ad Hominen against Minister Nduhungirehe completed with a “stay tuned” conclusion will secure a paycheque and a renewal of his contract as Museveni’s stooge in 2020.

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