Museveni’s lapdog Gideon Rugali attacks Rwanda’s wetlands protection policy while Kampala is flooding

Disgraced and Conflicted lapdog Gideon Rukundo Rugari’s confused post commenting on the Rwanda-Uganda crisis and then diving into Rwandan wetlands protection policy shows how conflicted he is. His crisis of identity can be seen in almost all his post, a Ugandan ruling party National Resistance Movement (NRM) aspiring member parliament for Ndorwa West yet always meddling into matters of another sovereignty state Rwanda.

Video of Floods in Kampala (Credit King’s Web Show)

Secretly, the RNC lapdog Rugaii is also a member of the Rwandan National Congress (RNC) Uganda Province Committee, he is in charge of media and communication (slander and defamation online). But as the RNC is incapable of keeping a secret, Rugali quickly became the public face of NRM-RNC alliance which in reality is the Corrupt Museveni-Kayumba association to destabilize Rwanda. Museveni (NRM) supports Kayumba’s (RNC) armed terrorist movement to subvert Rwanda.

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The corrupt Museveni policy led to the current crisis and the border closure that Rugali tries to comment about. The Ugandan economy has lost over $600 million USD since Rwanda advised her citizens not to cross to Uganda, its border towns have been turned into ghost towns. For normal relations between Rwanda and Uganda, Uganda has to stop its hostilities:

  • Release innocent Rwandan civilians it illegally detains in secret facilities without trial.
  • Stop harboring and supporting terrorist groups like RNC, FLN, FDLR
  • Stop its hate and smear media campaign against Rwanda

Above are the conditions set out to the Ugandan regime for the border to open. Rugali and his colleagues had tried all forms of pressure online, from smear to outright threats. But at the end of the day Museveni will have to choose, RNC or trade.

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Conflicted Rugali is as confused as his boss, faced with failure on all sides, he then moves to condemn Rwanda’s wetlands protection policy which protects against flood related incidents. He does so as Kampala is flooded, and when his leaders’ reaction to death from his chaotic rule is to blame God!

The confused Rugari should spend more time with his constituents instead of running his campaigns on Rwanda; they will tell him how desperate they are for trade with Rwanda. Ndorwa voters will tell Rugali that Rwanda is not his business to mind about as they still starve and living under poverty line despite his sponsor’s 34 years of chaotic rule. His campaign on Rwanda will not get him votes, except Museveni’s vote and money.

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