Does Yoweri Museveni Know His Hired Stooge Himbara is Muruganwa, A Laughable Fake Economist?

The masquerading “Professor” in Development hired by Corrupt Museveni to tarnish Rwanda turns out to be fraud. One can tell this by simply reading what he writes.

The RNC propagandist Himbara is said to have changed names to complete high school after crashing with the lowest possible scores. He changed his initial name Muruganwa to fake one Himbara with a decent high school records, his forgery constantly catches up with him as his posts reveal ignorance of very basic economic concepts.

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The Museveni Stooge, Himbara writes that the recent Rwandan economic growth of 11% is not possible because its currency lost value to the dollar. The claim leaves economists laughing hard as devaluation of a currency can be a source of economic growth. If one holds a strong currency, local products are more expensive hence less competitive.

For the benefit of Himbara (or Murunganwa in this case), the current exchange rate means that for an importer of Rwandan product with dollars in his hands, they can buy more products in Rwanda. As a result, Rwanda products fair better compared to similar products produced elsewhere. Economic growth, an expansion of the gross domestic product, can be stimulated by a favorable exchange rate that make local products more competitive on the export market. With more willing to buy competitive Rwandan products, there will be more producers, more jobs, etc…

For any economists reading the confused Museveni Stooge’s post, equating currency fluctuation to currency collapse is equally ridiculous. All that Himbara showed is that the Dollar has been getting stronger against the Rwandan Franc. Yet the same is true with all other currencies globally meaning it is the dollar that is gaining value. The British Pound, the Euro, even the Ugandan Shilling have all lost value to the US Dollar. If Himbara was consistent in his claim then he would find himself sounding the alarm for other currencies too.

The reality is that Museveni found himself a useful idiot with a fake title. Museveni is angered by the Rwandan economic growth and he needs someone to cast doubt on the Rwandan success. He therefore pays a disgraced fraud like Himbara whom he turned into the Stooge to write smear to make himself feel better about his gross mismanagement of the Ugandan economy for the last 34 years.

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When one considers that Himbara is paid by a regime that prints money to buy votes, the absurd economic analysis is somehow understandable. If Museveni cannot see how dangerous it is to print money for his economy, he cannot see how his Stooge Himbara’s article is laughable to economists.

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