Museveni Jealous Of Visitors to Rwanda Deploys Himbara, His Online Stooge

David Himbara, Museveni’s stooge in tarnishing and smearing Rwanda and its leaders, is writing nonsense about handshakes with the Rwandan leader. Hateful and jealous that Rwanda has been receiving visitors, Yoweri Museveni instructed his lapdog propagandist to write rubbish about President Kagame.

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Corrupt Museveni’s choice of lapdog to criticize handshakes and visitors with mockery was based on the known depraved nature of his propagandist. Himbara is famous for his lack of morality; he will do anything for money. The Rwanda National Congress (RNC) propagandist is known for his repetitive marriage and divorce, his abuse of alcohol and drugs, and strangely for his extra-marital affaires with younger men.

Museveni’s Stooge Himbara accuses others what he does best, the confused Smoker is not straight, and those who know him well remember his relationship with young men in his rented residential homes in Nyamirambo. If there is anyone with interest in dating fellow men is the weed-smoking Himbara.

To the Ugandan ruler hit list, Corrupt Museveni added the DR Congo President for visiting Rwanda and for working hard to root out Museveni sponsored militia groups from his country. The spite and anger that Museveni displays toward any positive news from Rwanda cannot be good for his health, already, the 75-year-old ruler of Uganda seems to lose his weight at an alarming rate.

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The RNC propagandist is the one in love affair with men; Museveni has been courting his stooge Himbara with huge sums of money to write all sorts of rubbish about Rwanda and its head of state. But eventually, Museveni will dump Himbara when his smearing campaigns on Rwanda continue to flop. Clearly, with all the visitors and investments in Rwanda, the leader of the Ugandan junta will realize that funding an online campaign to tarnish Rwanda has yielded no fruits.

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