Museveni’s Puppet Himbara Rants over Rwanda-Qatar $1.3 Billion investment deal

For anyone who still credited weed smoking Himbara with any sense of economic analysis, his latest Google research piece should serve as definitive proof Himbara, the Rwandan National Congress (RNC) propagandist, illustrates how ignorant he is by attempting to weigh the impact of the recently announced $1.3 Billion investment by Qatar in less than 48 hours.

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Unbelievably, Himbara who writes smear sponsored by Corrupt Museveni, is under the illusion that in two or three paragraphs he is able to compare and contrast the tourism sector of East Africa. Museveni’s puppet goes on to cook numbers (citing the world bank that previously called out his false usage of their data) to somehow show that Rwanda’s $600 Million revenue should be belittled. He accidentally shoots himself in the foot as such a number is actually impressive given that Rwanda had to reconstruct and reinvent itself after the 1994 Genocide against Tutsis.

The Museveni’s Puppet Himbara’s style of writing is envious and spiteful; it unmasks his sponsor’s reaction to Rwanda’s great achievements. The Corrupt Museveni must have rushed his favorite propagandist (amongst others like Seruga, Rugari, Wakabirigi, etc..) in his “tarnish Rwanda” operation forcing the Himbara to write even below his already low (almost inexistent) standard. A $1.3 Billion foreign direct investment (FDI) in Rwanda shows Museveni that his efforts to tarnish Rwanda are not yielding the expected results.

The ruler of Uganda, Corrupt Museveni, does everything possible to destabilize Rwanda. From harboring terrorists, to supporting armed militias, Museveni not only sponsors anti-Rwanda forces but also actively participates in the vice. In particular, economic sabotage is dear to his heart as Rwanda’s success makes his 34 years old regime look terrible.

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Museveni’s Puppet Himbara’s rants always target the economy for that particular reason; FDI’s, tourism, manufacturing and all other development sectors are always attacked by Himbara on social media as Museveni attempts to slow down Rwanda with unfair trade practices. As Museveni’s hopes to slow down Rwanda fail publicly, his puppet Himbara is the only card he is left to play. The weed smoking propagandist is one of the few who will write anything for money and he proves it by pretending to analyse the Rwanda – Qatar joint venture.

As usual, the $1.3 Billion Rwanda – Qatar deal did not go down well with Himbara’s Corrupt sponsor Museveni , one can only wonder how Museveni will digest the first flight from Bugesera Airport.

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