Weed Smoking Himbara Wakes Up To a Shock

David Himbara, the Rwanda National Congress (RNC) weed-smoking propagandist, had to comment on a picture that made his heart skip a beat. Waking up to a picture of President Kagame and President Tshisekedi, Himbara must have been wondering how his RNC plot to establish bases in East Democratic Republic of Congo to destabilize Rwanda would fare. The truth is that although Corrrupt Museveni sponsors the RNC, he will never risk an RNC attack from Uganda, the cost might be too high. Himbara, his ragtag militias, and his sponsors therefore opted to destabilize Congo just to get to Rwanda. Unfortunately for them, Congo and Rwanda figured out their game and it seems game is now over.

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Last week, over 1000 FDLR, RNC and FNL fighters were arrested by the DR Congo army FARDC. This was probably the biggest blow to the anti-Rwanda terrorist groups since their merges and their secret alliances forged in Uganda. In December 2018, Corrupt Museveni organized a meeting in Kampala Serena Hotel of RNC and FDLR officials to work on an alliance. The meeting was chaired by the Uganda State Minister for Regional Cooperation, Philemon Matekye, and attended by senior RNC and FDLR officials. The FDLR delegation to the meeting was arrested on their way back to Congo and extradited to Rwanda. The delegation members were FDLR Spokesman Ignace Nkaka aka La Forge Fils Bazeye and its head of intelligence Jean-Pierre Nsekanabo aka Abega. Himbara knows this too well, the Ugandan regime is at the center of anti-Rwanda forces through its Chieftaincy of Military intelligence agency (CMI).

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Himbara could not possibly have kind words for a picture that symbolizes the end of RNC manipulation and regional terrorism. He rants that Congo and Rwanda once fought a war but forgets that the same can be said about USA and Japan or France and Germany. The propagandist should therefore not take his readers for fools; Himbara is only one opposed to peace and prosperity between Congo and Rwanda for selfish reasons. Denigrating the Congolese President with names like “puppets” will not solve his militia problem; this year, they have taken so many hits that their movements might not survive to 2020.

The weed-smoking propagandist should hide in shame, for all the years he tried to keep Rwanda and Congo at loggerheads for the benefit of the RNC terrorist movement; he has failed.

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