Weed Smoking Himbara resurrects from his Weed-Smoking spree

The weed smoking Rwanda National Congress (RNC) propagandist, David Himbara, just failed his detox program. After about week sober, he went back to his drugs and began writing nonsense once again. For his grand entrance, he decides to count how many days the President of Rwanda travels in and out of the country to produce smear and defamation for his sponsors Corrupt Museveni and Fraudster Rujugiro.

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David Himbara has a short memory, but his love for money forces him to flip flop counting irrelevant things. If only he remembered what he said back in 2009 about Rujugiro, his current sponsor, in a Newtimes interview. Back then he was asked why Rujugiro had been removed from the Presidential Advisory Committee (PAC), his answer was cold; “…he cannot be a member of PAC – given the high ethical standards the President of Rwanda demands…”

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Yet today, the terrorist propagandist flipped. He attacks the one he praised for high ethical standards while on the payroll of the person he once called ineligible due to low standards. Himbara is a hired gun, capable of saying anything for money.

Amazingly, he once flew to defend a convicted genocidaire who was appealing his sentence. In May 2019, He flew all the way to Sweden to defend Theodore Rukeratabaro hoping to get him acquitted on appeal. Himbara will not hesitate to defend a genocidal maniac for his interest.

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The real number that he should count is the number of days he can actually spend sober and ethical. How long can he stay without taking money from terrorists and genocidaires? It should not be very hard, the number is never a double digit number.

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