Disgraced “RNC Uganda Province” executive committee members now placing fake bounties on their own heads to attract attention

From the Nile Wire, one of the numerous Uganda’s Chieftaincy for Military Intelligence (CMI) sponsored blogs that writes anti-Rwanda propaganda, a story that one Frank Ruhinda and Gideon Rukundo Rugari’s lives are under threat, is written in a cavalier manner without providing evidence. Both Rugari and Ruhinda are members of the Rwandan National Congress (RNC); Ruhinda is the RNC Uganda “Province” executive committee 1st vice coordinator while Rugari is the commissioner for media and communication.

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Naturally, the Nile Wire seems to focus on Rugari’s fake threat, he is after all, the only one publicly belonging to both Uganda’s ruling party National Resistance Movement (NRM) and Fugitive Kayumba Nyamwasa’s Rwanda National Congress (RNC). As a NRM aspiring candidate who also doubles as the RNC Uganda “Province” executive committee commissioners for media and communication, he seems to be more important than Ruhinda who prefers to hide in the shadows.

Ruhinda, just like Deon Nyirigira (RNC Uganda Province Coordinator), is a well-known RNC recruiter linked to an evil scheme whereby those who refuse his advances to join RNC end up arrested and tortured by Corrupt Museveni’s CMI. This happened to a number of ADPER church members who refused his proposals to join RNC, they are now secretly detained in illegal detentions with hundreds of innocents Rwandans, undergoing horrendous torture.

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In an attempt to sanitize the 1st vice coordinator of the terrorist movement, the wire reports that Ruhinda recently won a court case against the cancellation of his passport. The court case in question was heard in the African Court for Human and People’s Rights, an instrument that Rwanda left as far back as is 2016. For a court to rule on matters in which it has no jurisdiction only confirms what most observers say about it, the court is a political tool. Unbelievably, it attempts to force a foreign sovereign state to issue passports to members of a terror group plotting to destabilise it. As Rwanda is not a member of the court, their verdict is nothing more than a headline.

The article began with a crazier claim that there is a $20,000 USD bounty on Rugari simply because the troll was experiencing issues with social media platforms blocking and suspending his accounts. The claim was that Rugari is somehow hiding and closing his online accounts in fear for his life. Twitter suspended Rugari’s accounts that were used by CMI in its anti -Rwanda propaganda but the troll is still very active on Facebook. The falsehood is fabricated; Rugari would not deactivate his accounts on a fake bounty fiction. At the loss of his Twitter account, the lie is Rugari’s way of salvaging his relevance and some much needed income.

The polygamous doctor is under financial duress. He was recently fired from his job at Mulango Hospital by Diane Twine, the Permanent Secretary in Ministry of Health, for his insubordination and indiscipline. He now earns his living by spamming social media with in a smearing campaign against Rwanda. Blocked by many users and now by social media platforms, he fears that he might not be of any use to CMI and might lose his income.

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In reality, Rukundo Rugari is a scavenger that once run to Rwanda for safety in 2003. Back then, he was fleeing from the same CMI that wanted to arrest him for terrorism related crimes. Rukundo Rugari was turned into their agent through the minister of security,Gen Elly Tumwine and the current Deputy Inspector General of Police Sabiiti Muzeyi. His secret adventure in the Rwandan National Congress (RNC) was disclosed in a spectacular fashion with details of his role in the terrorist enterprise. The RNC Uganda Province committee leak hampered their effectiveness and embarrassed their sponsors publicly showing the link between RNC and Corrupt Museveni’s regime.

CMI is faced with a dilemma, their campaigns to tarnish Rwanda is failing. Generating sensational headlines of death threats on their sponsored trolls and agents is an attempt to revamp fear-mongering.

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