David Himbara’s weed is getting to his head; he is confusing Rwanda to Uganda

The Rwandan National Congress (RNC) propagandist is beginning the month writing fiction and smear on the President and the First Lady of Rwanda. As usual the terrorist organization propagandist, sponsored by the Ugandan regime, attack is both irrational and incoherent.

David Himbara’s terrorist circles and that of his sponsor is littered with nepotism. His analysis skewed from the uniqueness of “in your face” nepotism in the Corrupt Museveni regime, is based on a mafia like patronage that does not exist in Rwanda. The First Lady of Uganda also doubles up as the country’s sports and education minister thereby getting her involved in official government business. It is no state secret that she places her relatives and family members in all strategic positions.

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After all, in the cabinet of Uganda, you will find her cousins, her in laws, as her son and daughters also hold official government duties. For example; her son is a Lieutenant General and Senior Security adviser to the President, the son’s father in law is Minister of foreign affairs, the Minister of Security is the First Lady’s cousin; the list is endless.

Sponsored by such a regime and under the influence, Himbara cannot see that his silly analysis is only valid in Uganda. In Rwanda, much like the rest of the world, First Ladies usually use their influence for social causes and don’t interfere in government business. They advocate, fundraise and champion causes of their own choosing but do not go placing relatives, sons and daughters and worse, securing themselves key government positions.

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Although the weed smoker is probably just trying to impress his sponsor to secure next year’s funding, his clumsy choice of fiction highlights shocking realities in the failing state that sponsors him.

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