RNC leader fugitive Nyamwasa fakes Umuhoza’s kidnap

Terrorist Kayumba Nyamwasa is outdoing himself in trying to cook up stories on Jackie Umuhoza’s case. On his pseudo-Facebook page Robert Patrick Fati Gakwerere, he wrote that Umuhoza was kidnapped in the early hours of November 27, 2019. Yet, Umuhoza was arrested, on charges of treason and espionage- her case being investigated by the Rwanda Investigation Bureau (RIB).

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Nyamwasa should remember that kidnapping is what his sponsor’s security agents (Uganda’s Chieftaincy of Military Intelligence – CMI) do; kidnaps, torture and illegal incarcerations in unknown places detention, without charges and no legal representation.

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In Uganda, hundreds of innocent Rwandans were taken to secret detention facilities. They had no access to lawyers, family members or consular visits. Umuhoza is not in a secret detention facility, she is in RIB (Rwanda Investigation Bureau) gazetted custody.

Due to numerous lies and cooked up stories, the fugitive got confused. He wrote that the police kidnapped Umuhoza. However, RIB and the police are two different entities. Fugitive Nyamwasa may have thought that Uganda’s way of handling suspects is conventional.

Rwanda is a Law abiding country, unlike RNC’s host Uganda, where Innocent neighboring states’ citizens are kidnapped, tortured and held incommunicado in torture chambers without trial.

CMI and the police work as the same entity in the persecution of innocent Rwandans. In corrupt Museveni’s regime, institutions work in a chaotic manner. CMI and other security agencies can torture without fearing judicial consequences.

Terrorist Nyamwasa is out of touch and inspired by CMI blood money. The terrorist invents malicious stories to smear Rwanda in the means to satisfy his sponsor corrupt Museveni, and in turn, get his pay.

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